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About 2 years ago some friends from DC were up visiting.  We decided to try a new place that had great seafood but no seating.  However, they did give you a set of tables and chairs and let you carry them down to the beach.  This was our first dinner out with our 2 month old son.  Our friends who were visiting had an 8 month old and were used to going out with kids.  Well lucky for us we were one of 2 groups eating on the beach that night as my son decided it would be a great time to test out our parenting skills.
 I could not believe how much stuff could come out of such a little guy.  We of course did not bring a change of clothes extra blanket or anything else we now know to bring with us.  Thankfully our friends, who were laughing hysterically at us, were prepared with extra clothes.  One great thing that came out of the dinner was this very cool old pier sitting right behind us on the beach.  That day I snapped a quick shot with my phone and tried to plan a trip back.  Well this morning I finally made a quick trip.  I spent about 20 mins as the rain was coming on pretty good and I was short for time.  Needless to say I am not a landscape photographer but love trying new aspects of photography.  I hope to go back soon and spend some more time exploring this location.  Maybe bring my son and now new daughter by for another shot at dinner on the beach.


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